First impressions count. A lot.


of people judge a
property based on its
exterior appearance


of prospective tenants
make decisions based on their
first impression of a property

When people tour your property, are they excited?
Or do they think ‘MEH. Just another neglected building.’

If your building is…

Covered in
unsightly stains

Mottled with
patches of mold

Filled with a musty,
dank odor

Your prospects will notice. And your tenants will want to leave.

Don’t let good prospects get away!

Win over their hearts — and give them the curb appeal they seek —
with expert exterior treatments.


Protecting your investments,
one facade at a time

I’m Sol Katz, CEO of Royal Treatment — a full-service exterior
treatment firm founded in 2016.

Cleaning is in my blood — well, cleaning with the right solutions, that is.


I started out with a mobile truck cleaning service.

As I scrubbed those dirty 18-wheelers, returning them to their previous glory,
I found that I loved the process.

I truly enjoyed:

dabbling with
complex chemicals

tweaking the
cleaning formulas

removing stubborn

It was invigorating!

I threw myself into the study of all-things-cleaning. I read everything I could and invested a great deal of time and resources to truly understand the cleaning process.


When a good friend needed some stains removed from his property, he called me over. With a couple different chemicals and a twist of my hand — Poof! I removed the stains, right in front of him.

My friend was floored...and I was hooked. He immediately contracted me for his other three properties — making him the first customer for my facade treatment service.


Ever since, I’ve embraced that same philosophy of that very day: what would the owner want?
I put myself in your shoes — as I did for my friend — and view the building in the very same light you see it. You want the services that work for your property, that will improve its exterior and make it shine — not whatever the neighbor is having done.

We do only what YOUR building actually needs, no more and no less.

I started this business to help property owners get better returns on their investments. (Because not every owner has money to burn.)
I know what it’s like, stretching your dollars to make a profit.
And I’ve seen the difference exterior treatments can make.

An upgraded

A fresh coat
of paint


A cleaned-up

Exterior treatments are an investment in your investment.

By transforming your building into a beautiful, waterproof, and mold-free space,
we help you get more tenants, residents, and investors.


Get a repair team that’s nitpicky
( a good way)

For your investment property, you want:

Every. Detail. Covered.

Every spot removed

Every gap caulked

Every hole patched

Every leak sealed

Every inch painted

And that’s what you get, when you work with us.
We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail.

Just how thorough are we?

Take a look at the precision and detail in our sample property assessment video:

We highlight the exact locations of your facility’s weak spots — even if you didn’t ask. So you’re well-informed about your building’s condition and how you can improve it.
And we won’t rest until your facade looks and functions the way it’s supposed to — exactly the way you want it.

Your building is unique.
Its treatment should be too

Every building is different.

Some are in hectic,
traffic-heavy areas.

Some have 30
stories or higher.

Some are hundreds
of feet wide.

Each of these conditions presents a custom challenge — and we love figuring out the best way to handle challenges!


We use a dedicated ground team to direct traffic and create alternate routes for high-traffic locations. We’ve done it dozens of times, with zero disruption to the workday.


For properties with great heights, we’ve got the scaffolding, lifts, and ladders — and the experience — to get the job done right, safely.


Hard-to-reach area? Caulking that’s not holding up to wind pressure? Water intrusion — but no one can find the source of the leak? We don’t run from tough spots; we embrace them! Drawing on our extensive experience & training, we’ll test out alternatives and keep plugging away until we’ve uncovered the best solution for your problem.

“How does your pricing work?”

Because of the unique nature of every treatment, pricing varies widely.
Some of the factors impacting price include:

Building access

Proximity to

Proximity to
other cars

Presence of
active driveway

of stories

This is why we do an on-site visit.

We’ll assess your building and take all these factors into account to give you a customized quote.

Beautiful buildings attract tenants
Rundown buildings

repel them

What are prospects looking for in a building?

A place that...

looks clean,
tidy, and

makes them
feel healthy
and safe

they’re proud
to call home
or work.

That can be your building — with our help.
Let’s clean up your building, together.